Writing Like Stephen King, Owen and Joe Hill

Stephen King
The King family is now notorious for their writing style and track-record for producing. Yet, what sets King or Kings’ apart from other writers, that allows them to continuously deliver the next new thing? Anybody who had seen the interview between King and Martin could see the obvious difference in the two and how they approached a task at hand. Rowling by the way, too uses similar style to that of the King.

1. It is about Characters

Kings writing has a clear story line, I do not ever remember seeing a confusion or mixing of timelines. Even in famous It, all writing was solid and superbly clear, considered intermingled timelines. King is famous for saying that he simply follows his characters. He knows who they are and sets them loose, while recording what they are doing. This is quite similar to how Rowling, as she did make it about Harry, although certain points she did know in her work, it was still building a world around Harry and developing this boy.

2. Words

King suggests avoiding unnecessarily fancy words when one tries to explain simple concepts. I feel this is what makes his writing so fluid and available to readers of different ages. While writing essays for college, I would often abuse Thesaurus for new words, as there were a lot of the overused ones. Giving flavor to the essay was essential. Getting away from this habit is difficult, but could prove crucial to ones writing.

3 Put in the Time!

This one is quite tricky and important. This is what set Martin and King apart. Yes I compare the two! Where is the 6th book Martin?! In the interview King mentions writing a solid 4 pages a day! Meaning, every day he follows a character for four pages and polishes them right away. In a month he can get a good half of one third of the book done. That is pretty impressive. While Martin simply waits for the muse. Unfortunately some masterpieces could be written like that, but muse will not be there 24/7, and that is why we are still waiting on the last book.

Obviously there are way more suggestions from King himself, let me know if you would like for me to publish more of those; or by a different author. I found these are the ones that are important to me, as I used to be a scattered scene writer. Now I am working on Russian Superhero story and found it difficult to write in such a style, but there is an obvious difference in the material produced.I do get scenes blinking ahead of me, and I simply keep building characters and leading them there. To anybody struggling, I would highly recommend that for a month they follow their character for 3-4 pages a day and then analyze the work. Share in the comment section if this was helpful and if you do try the writing style, tell me how did it workout for you?