Sims Play: Cats and Dogs Part 2

Hey Guys,

So last night I had like five minutes to put into a livestream and play a bit further. Previously I started a vet clinic without building a building, but having only the equipment, once I cheated the money off…well, this time I’ve built the clinic further.

To be honest I am not a great builder, nor am I trying to be. The building was good enough now for Self-Sim not to pee in a bush, which every other dog used before me. New vet clinic styled a kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom, where I can comfortably rest and work from the same building, without loading screen and going back to my lot. I have no idea if everybody else had these glitches, but I seem to be having trouble with getting paid. I press Bill the Owner, and it never happens, patients leave the lot without paying. This is quite frustrating. GRRRR.

Here is my livestream:

I would love feedback and tips. Do you guys know how to spice up the place?