Is Fidgeting a Problem?

Hey guys,

Yesterday was helping my friend  record a song, and I noticed that I would fidget like hell. I have never seen my grandmother do it, never seen my father, or other older people do it. When visiting Ukraine, not a single office worker did it. That is when it hit me. These people have a set time to relax, and to work. They know when to stop and enjoy themselves.

This is something I have been struggling with, and many people that I know have been dealing with. We are taught to hustle yes, work harder, play harder, but when do you relax? Yes, there are people who do not do anything important in their life or meaningful, late on their bills, don’t clean, forget to vacuum, yet they fidget. One simple look, and their body is in constant motion. Useless motion, but body does not get a down time. Buying a fidget cube one simply sets themselves to play around with a toy for the whole day and not actually relax. Fidgeting constantly, instead of focusing and then body thinks things were done.

I was doing my final project, and kept watching something, playing with something. Guess what? Something that should take me an hour tops, took six hours. I was not paying attention, getting tired and going nowhere and being upset with myself.

Any thoughts guys?