The Sims 4: Seasons. First look.

Hey Guys,

So I was super hyped about now released Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack. I think for Sims this will be the release of the year, as it was an addition to the game which most of the players were waiting for. So two major wishes were accomplished Pets and Seasons, and how did EA accomplish this?

Well I tried to experience Seasons in my Twitch Stream, so if you haven’t seen that, please check out the video below: Seasons: Building a Dream Manor Part 3 from hunteregina on

Now I have only seen a summer and part of the fall, but let me not run ahead of myself. I saw a live stream from EA and was immediately disappointed, because of the clothing choices made by the EA. It is very obvious that the team is very out of touch with fashion and times. I really liked Sims 1 clothing because it was iconic with 90’s styles and early 2000’s. Now Sims 3 experimented with high fashion, and that was cool too. Sims 4 possibly has only Vintage clothing to put on the table, otherwise, every other clothing is a version of the original few with the base game bundle. Now if one were to look at community clothing, there is obvious research and effort put into the items there: for free.

Now please do not jump to conclusions, saying that if I do not like it, then don’t buy the game. I pay good money and have all of the sims 1, sims 2, sims 3 and most of the sims 4 games. Through the years I was a dedicated player, and I think it is only fair I put out a critique that reflects my beliefs. Some of the gameplay, as a limited amount of time was spent on it, was quite amazing. But I was disappointed with how the clothing looked first and foremost.  For the money paid, it was simply horrid.

Now I was very excited about meteorite fall. It was very interesting to see how during the rain pieces of meteorites would hit unfinished manor of mine.

Back to bad: Another problem Seasons seems to make my windows and message ghost. I hope this issue would be fixed once I restart the game.  New game did seem to make my clock also wonky.

Now this is only a tiny look, but i wanted to give a shoutout to the team about hating the clothing. I am yet to play every option, but clothing just took the hell out of me!