Testing: We Happy Few


Hey Ladies and Gents,
Finally got to try the new game called We Happy Few,  which I have to say is pretty amazing, and playable, considering my motion sickness. To start off the game is quite good to play on my laptop, considering I did not choose the lowest settings and was streaming at the same time.


You are in a world where everybody is taking a happy pill, and even minor atrocities seem to be of little consequence. I started off playing with one main character, Arthur. He was working at a reduction office, very 1984, where he would let news exist or be redacted. Now across his desk comes a news article about him, and I believe, his brother. Right away there is a memory trigger, and you as a player have a choice to take or not to take the happy pill. Based on your decisions, you will either be forced to be miserable and found out by others or…


I chose not to take the pill and ended up being constantly in the haze, withdrawal and eventually discovered by my coworkers. Chased by bobbies, knocked out and left to die. My task was to find a way out of the catacombs. Nice thing, which reminded me a bit of 7 Days to Die,  is that you can collect items, build and create new ones from them. Now one thing that is quite important is to make sure to stay hydrated, and fed. AND DON”T EAT ROTTEN APPLES.  After 39 minutes of playing I did get motion sick, which is not unusual for me, and I would have to say that I had a good going with this game.

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