Writing Group and Study Group Stream (SAG)

Hello Guys,

Today I will be pitching another one of my crazy ideas. I was cooking up this idea for a while and wasn’t exactly sure as to how to execute it. I know for a fact that people that write books, study or just look for motivation to work, get motivated by quotes when somebody else works and pep talks, to name a few motivators. What I wanted to do for a while, is to motivate myself and others, is to have streams where for about 1-3 hours, I simply study, listening to music and having quotes and goals floating around. This is no way to advertise anything or to show off.

The premise is to imagine to be in a group and work as a unit. Example: We are in a library when I study, and you are studying with me, follow my thought progress, if we do similar subjects, so we both do the work. If you are in the home office or at work, and cannot focus, by looking at me, you wouldn’t feel as lonely and work in a group. I find a human connection to be quite important. Now when I write my story, I would have to blur my work, but I want people to work with me because most assume writing happens only when one is inspired. According to Stephen King – false! It is a matter of schedule and constantly writing.

This post is somewhat of an announcement since I am wondering how many people would be interested in something like this.  I study, write and research, either way, this will not change anything for me. Yet, being home alone can often feel – well lonely. This is why working with “others” well give a feeling of solidarity while in your safe space. Name of the streams will be SAG – Study Alone Group. I would like to, for starters do about 1-2 a week. Depending on how often I am able to set everything up and stream continuously.

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