Throne of Glass on Hulu? War is Coming?

Hello, hello Bookdragons,

Some time has passed between me posting last and being in the know in the book world. Yesterday I was blown away by the two new updates that I have stumbled upon. Before I go on with the updates. You guys can see the status of my short stories, and major works updates on Books and Short Stories section of this blog. Check this page out as it is being constantly updated. I simply love those NaNoWriMo Word Meters. You can get it here for free for your own blog: NaNoWriMo

So first and juiciest news that I tripped over and had to smash my head on the desk to believe is…

Throne of Glass on Hulu!!! Author Sarah J Maas and creator of the series, who earlier announced that Court of Thorns and Roses was being picked up by Hollywood, is now going to have TV Series. Throne of Glass is being adopted by Kira Snyder (Writer for The 100!!) and Anna Foerster (Underworld: Blood Wars). Now I did not find anything more exciting than this, no actor lists as such. Boohoo. Still, sign up for Sarah’s Newsletter to be the first one to be informed on the new updates: Sarah Newsletter

Second, and in no way less juicy news, War is announced to be coming out during April/May and the official cover was officially released. Just look at this beautiful beast!


The first and very obvious difference is the armor. Unlike Pestilence who was very European-like-warrior in appearance, at very least elvish, is now replaced with Saladin, but with a sword closer in resemblance to a Templar. Overall, I get the vibe of Khal Drogo here. Pestilence had golden lettering on his torso, now War has blood one, so this will be expected of every other brother. The background is set in a desert, slight assumption that it would be set in the Middle East, but that is just my guess.

Now that is all folks for today’s update. Do not forget to follow to receive any new updates about the bookverse!

What color do you think, the other Horsemen Brothers, will be Death and Famine?

And who do you think will or should be cast for Throne of Glass series? Let’s be realistic here!

Should I start a YouTube channel with updates?