Demons of Editing – In Chapter Break!

Hello Hunters!

So I am in the editing stage of my novella “Ballerina in Highlands”. This one turned out longer than it should have been, but coming along quite well, and getting better by the day. This is something that I want to give to my readers, the best story possible.

Now before I got into one hour rant, I would like to keep this short and simple. I was looking for this lovely line as you see in Queen of Shadows:


This line obviously is an in-chapter-break. I find this line quite neat and sexy, if I may say so myself. Obviously, every author is doing their own thing and have different options. My initial google search for this bad boy turned out nada! Mostly I got explanations on how to do lines ( these –) and a star sequence in, in chapter breaks. Not what I want.

My next step was to peruse Shapes in Microsoft word. Nothing.

Icons. Nothing.

Then I got to the omega, the Symbols directory and I’ve found this cutie pie, that I’ve added to the story right away.

Squigly line

Of course not as elegant as the thin elongated one, but I think this one does the trick. What do you guys think?



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What are the problems you are facing in your editing and styling your manuscript?