Comparing Covers: Pestilence.

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Those of you that have read my blog, or follow my GoodReads, know that I am crazy about The Four Horsemen series. The first, and the only book that is out, I think that  I can quote by heart at this point. But, let’s keep that a secret between us. Now I found about Pestilence accidentally when I was perusing GoodReads, and somebody was reading it. I am usually not interested in anything that has biblical undertones. Yet, what hit me was the original cover:

ff7bf545-1e71-4841-8dcb-e17ae0efacae_1.2be97ce23246fc7bce55cb6e43892980.jpegThe very first time that I saw this cover, I fell immediately and hopelessly in love with it. The background was forest, a theme that continued through the book. Moonlight shining through threes, onto the clearing, creating a very sensual setting. Sara is very dreamy and in obvious need for her Pestilence.

Now Pestilence himself is glorious in his golden armor. Originally I thought that he was a fae male, because of the intricate details of his armor. Crown, although is not a helmet, seems to be very practical in keeping his hair in check. His expression is of one in need, which is oh so dreamy.

I do think that his hands could’ve been holding her with more need, like cupping the back of her head. Otherwise, this cover was perfect. After the initial publishing came out a new edition, and the old cover seemed to be pulled off of the shelves. The original cover is now completely removed from GoodReads.

37769929The new cover is pretty and matches one of the upcoming War book. This cover was created by Regina Wamba  and model that posed for the shot is Garret McCall

Now this cover has a completely different feel. It is more of a male model posing for a magazine spread. Yes, we now see the lettering of tattoos on Pestilence, but it looks like this is all that he has for armor, as those straps go over a shirt. Crown has still a similar look to it but does nothing to contain his mane of hair.

The overall feeling I, unfortunately, am getting is of a mass-paperback. You know those fast reads, to get off books. It is a given that details do look great, I can see certain aspects of his weapons, ahem, body clearer. Yet, instead of sensuality, the reader is now sold pure sex.

What do you guys think?

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