Super Quick Update: War Publishing Date! Self-Publishing.

Hello Hunters,

A super quick update today. I did not even get an update in my newsletter about this book coming so soon.  The scoop was released by the GoodReads . Hail GoodReads. Anyhow, the second installment of the Four Horsemen is coming out on May 14.

Sadly I will be flying out on May 16, going back home to States. So no point in me ordering a hardcopy to be shipped to Germany. This is why my review will be a bit delayed. I honestly cannot wait for this beast of a book to come out.


Another updated is concerning self-publishers. My reviews are free. I review books that I like or have something to say about. That said, I do wish to support self-publishing authors, that’s why I will be making something special to promote their books. So if you are one, or know someone, feel free to email me for details.

As  I mention update is a small one.