Writing A Novel With Pinterest

Hello Hunters!

Lots of good things happened since I’ve posted here, but all are exciting and cannot wait to share. Now onto something that I never really talked about. I love writing. Duh! But sometimes it could be difficult to focus on all of the characters, houses, cars, weapons, and such. I love to be able to imagine, see and then put the visuals into writing. Now a thing that I was doing for a while now, was: find a picture online, save it on my computer, put on the music that would fit the theme, and pull up the picture next to the word document. This would set the mood and of course keep the visual going.

Last week I had a pleasure of meeting J.H. Tepley the author of The Lightwatch Chronicles. The two of us had a very interesting and engaging conversation, I got a few insights from her, as I hope she did from me. Now she got me interested in her book and before I buy it, she supplied a Pinterest board to go along with the novel, to set the mood. I thought it is a neat idea, to have a supplemental visual material for the reader. Since I was doing something like it on my computer, I thought why not go and have a board that could be used by my readers?

So I crawled out from beneath my blanket and created links towards my current works for you guys to enjoy. I have made two of them thus far, for the following  novels:

  1. Lady In White
  2. Thirteen Madison

I hope you guys will enjoy some clues, sneak peeks and visuals towards my works.

Also if you guys are interested in a more economical side of the Pinterest check out Jane Friedman Pinterest for Authors