Upcoming Short Stories:

Ballerina In Highlands -Work is being worked on.
Status: In Editing!

Amber a daughter of a musical conductor, is a young ballerina, who dreams of singing. One night, after yet another argument with her father, she steps through a time loop, by accident,  and ends up in Scotland after the Battle of Culloden. She stumbled upon a group of men that were more than eager to take her innocence away. Luckily she is saved by a scrawny boy named Alpin.  This story is part of a larger chain of Time Loop Romances.

*I hope to publish Cerberus (Time Police) book eventually, but for now the Time Loop Romances will be delivered, until I finish it.

Unnamed Werewolf story – Coming  2019


700 / 20000 words. 4% done!

Being the youngest pack leader, to unite three clans and bring the race of the werewolves’  to the Golden Age is no small feat. Liam having achieved where others have failed, is now facing a question of a successor.

Arranged Marriage – Spring 2019


2000 / 25000 words. 8% done!

Rodger a successful NYC dentist returns to his hometown of Paris, Virginia. Looking for a wife is not easy when you are successful.

Roberta is a lawyer, recently divorced, came back to Paris to be with her grandmother.  Having a family is difficult when you are looking over your shoulder.


Lady in White – 2019


51900 / 70000 words. 74% done!

1969 Margaret and her mother Sue move from Albany, after her grandmothers’ death, to a small town. Margaret is caught between two boys that seek her favor and possibly ask more from her than she is willing to give. While she is fighting off her admirers, she has to keep ghosts and demons at bay.

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Thirteen Madison –  2020

Description Pending

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Women Of The Middle-Earth – 2020

A collection of stories:

Daughter of Galadriel (not an official title)

Origin of Orcs (not an official title)

These stories will be published on my website completely free for fans to read. Women of Middle-Earth are not a #metoo movement “children” or support stories, nor a feminist perspective. Since I was a very young girl, I had an appreciation for Tolkiens work, and being a woman myself I’ve always wanted to continue the legend of Middle-Earth. Middle-Earth was always a way for a boy to mature. Women of Middle_earth, in this case, are a journey for girls.